Matchstick Men

Re-watched “Matchstick Men” over the past couple of nights. I had forgotten how much I like this movie. Ridley Scott manages to imbue this movie with swagger, while at same time achieving a cool, understated tone in many of the scenes – a neat trick, combining apparently clashing styles in a seamless way. Alison Lohman is spectacular, a revelation, one of the most appealing performances from a young actor that I have ever seen. Nicolas Cage is dynamic and funny, as usual, depicting a con man with nearly-incapacitating neuroses, full of physical and verbal tics. The scenes between Cage and Lohman are touching and lovely, almost heartbreaking, as Cage’s character falls so in love with his long-lost teenage daughter that he breaks his own rules and lets her transgress most of his self-imposed boundaries. And Sam Rockwell… well, what can I say, I love everything this guy does. This is one of those tight little movies that I like so much, where not a moment is wasted, everything is of a piece, each scene moves the story forward and reinforces the central themes, and the scope and ambition of the movie are sized just right.


~ by untidymusings on February 9, 2013.

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